Brazil Wept

When the match Netherlands vs Brazil has just begun, I wrote on the twitter “Brazil will be lost because wearing uniforms away.”

What I wrote on twitter unlikely to become reality. Brazil played well in the first 30 minutes and winning 1-0 in the 10th minute goal by Robinho.

In the twitter, fans continue tweet for the Brazilian Samba team. Meanwhile, via Blackberry Messenger, various groups are also supporting Brazil. Brazilian supporters seem overly confident and predicted his favorite team would win easily. Some estimate the Netherlands will suffer the same fate with when Germany beat England 4-1 in round 16.

In the second half, the Dutch was the one who attacked the Brazilian defense. As a result, the Dutch equalized through an own goal from Felipe Melo in minute 53. Furthermore, the Dutch winning 2-1 through goals Wesley Sneidjer at minute 73. Now turn to the Dutch supporters cheered.

Disadvantaged 1-2, rather than developing the game, Brazil panicked and started to play rough. Kaka who usually looks calm, this time could not contain his emotions, and several times looked angry. So did the goal scorer Robinho, often angry and protesting against the referee. In fact, Felipo Melo expelled by the referee on 73 minutes for committing an offense.

The Netherlands became more confident. Although the Brazilian tried to attack, but the Dutch able to calmly deal with it. And until last Pluit was rung, the position remained 2-1 for the Dutch victory.

Brazil cry. Brazil coach Dunga could only bowed sluggish while occasionally hitting the pole. The other Brazilian players went limp and crying. This night did not belong to Brazil. This night belongs to the Netherlands, the Flying Dutchman. Dutch glide to the semi finals to meet other Latin American team, Uruguay, who defeated Ghana 4-2 through penalty shoot-out.

Proponents of Brazil may grieve. But the defeat of Brazil have been predicted. Although previously not invincible, but his inability to beat Portugal in Group G, made me doubt the ability of the Samba team. If against Portugal, which is often called Brazil’s B team, cannot win, against the Netherlands would be more difficult.

One weakness of Brazilian players that I have noticed is the lack of enthusiasm to win. When his team was definitely qualify for the 16 stage, Brazilian players looked relaxed and did not try to force victory. This is different from Argentina and the Netherlands. They’re still trying to gain the victory even though they’ve certainly qualify for the 16 sage. Lack of enthusiasm to win every game makes the players difficult to control his emotional. Considers itself still the best in football, the Brazilian players panic when the Netherlands was able to excel.

At a big tournament like World Cup, I think the technical problems and the individual skills of the players is no longer a problem. Able to qualify for the finals in South Africa, they have proven their ability is above average team that had defeated in each zone. Therefore the most important issue is the problem of morale. The Spirit to win is needed in every game. It is not true when facing a team that is considered stronger, playing with high spirit, but when face a relatively weak team, playing relaxed.

Now Brazil has been defeated. No Samba dance in the cafe and the streets. Now the Flying Dutchman turn to celebrates the victory.

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    Brasil tetap terindah I Love it

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