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Pray for Japan

Pray for Japan: In this image published by CNN, boats, houses and vehicles are washed away by tsunami in coastal area in eastern Japan after Japan was struck by a magnitude 8.9 earthquake off its northeastern coast Friday.

The earthquake hit northern Japan on 11 March 2011, triggering tsunamis that sent a wave filled with boats, houses and vehicles toward land. Numerous deaths have been reported.  Many people are missing. Topic #prayforjapan became a trending topic in Twitter

Kimberly Process and Trade Diamond

Do you still remember the Blood Diamond movie (2006), starring Leonardo DiCaprio? The story is about the portrait of the diamond trade and conflict a civil war in Sierra Leone, Africa in 1999. As an area that have many diamond, ironically Africa has become an arena of conflict of interest. Western countries has exploitated the diamond mines in those region. As a result, though endowed with the wealth of the rich diamond mines, diamond sales have no effect on improving the welfare of African people. That funds from the sale of diamonds used to finance the war and ongoing conflict.

Indonesia’s Environmental Diplomacy in the South China Sea

  Indonesia’s foreign policy is shaping by various factors such as the nation’s history, its geographic conditions, its demography and its security and national interest. These factors prompted Indonesia to adopt a foreign policy that is independent and active.

As we may aware, the issues on environment have a broad aspect, from the issues of our daily life to global economic and politics, from environment in our neighborhood to the issues of climate change. Talking about environmental issues, we can say that all of those issues connected to the Indonesia’s national interest. Combating environmental degradation should be a key strategic. In this regard, we could understand if Indonesia puts issues on environment on their foreign policy and promotes bilateral and multilateral cooperation actively.