First Achievement On Indonesia’s Diplomacy

The Linggajati Agreement was a key political accord in the struggle of Indonesia for Independence. When the Republic of Indonesia proclaimed its independence on August 17, 1945, right after Japanese surrender to the Allies, Colonialist Government of Dutch tried to regain control of the former East Indies by sending more troops to attack Indonesian strongholds. It was noticed that between 1945 and 1949 they undertook two military actions.

In this regard, the freedom fight continued and Dutch military aggressions met with solid resistance from Indonesian troops. Along with military action, the young Republic of Indonesian conducted also a diplomatic offensive against the Dutch. Indonesia raised the Dutch’s invasion to the United Nations and pushed the Dutch Government to negotiate.

In the United Nations, sponsored by the Soviet Unions, the question of Indonesia was discussed in the Security Council. Then on February 10, 1946, the first official meeting of Indonesian and Dutch representatives took place under the chairmanship of Sir Archibald Clark Kerr.

In terms of negotiation, with the good offices of Lord Killearn of Great Britain, Indonesian and Dutch representatives met at Linggarjati in West Java on 11-13 November 1946. The Indonesian delegation consist of Sutan Sjahrir (Head of Delegation), Mohammad Roem, Susanto Tirtoprodjo and AK Gani, while Dutch delegation consist of Prof. Ir. Schermeron (Head of Delegation), Max Van Poll, F de Boer and H.J Van Mook..

After taught negotiation, Indonesia and Dutch reached agreement as follows:

  1. Both parties would establish a federation state which would call United States of Indonesia by 1 January 1949.
  2. Both parties would continue their cooperation and establish the Union.
  3. The Dutch Government recognized Republic of Indonesia sovereignty over Java, Sumatra and Madura.

When finally the Linggajati Agreement was signed on March 25, 1947 by Prime Minister Sutan Sjahrir representing the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and Governor General H.J Van Mook representing the Dutch Government, we could acknowledge that this was the first time Indonesia have formal recognition for its sovereignty. Even this agreement did not cover all Indonesian regions, but by recognizing Java, Sumatra and Madura, Dutch has lost her main basis in the former East India. While conceding the other part of Indonesia was only a matter of time.

Reference : Wikipedia

2 Responses to First Achievement On Indonesia’s Diplomacy

  1. Vavai says:

    Linggarjati Agreement may become the first achievement in Indonesia’s foreign diplomacy but at that time, the result has a resistance among the Indonesian troops and politician. AFAIK, it has a political impact to the government, in term the prime minister Sutan Syahrir cabinet.

    Beside the resistance, really appreciate that Sutan Syahrir and colleagues has places Indonesia in better bargaining position on foreign diplomacy.

  2. ajengkol says:

    Saya sering kesini cuma buat baca baca doang mau komentar nggak ngerti hehehe :)

    Keep on blogging terus ya mas

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