Huaqiao And Indonesia Independence Day

happy IndonesiaAugust 17 is an exciting day for Indonesians, not only for those who live in Indonesia, but also in the whole world. It is the day for them to marks Indonesia’s independence and celebrated with fun competitions and folks entertainment. In this regard Indonesian Embassy in Beijing organized flag raising ceremony and Indonesian society gathering every year in the embassy compound.

Interestingly, the activities in Beijing were not only followed by Indonesia, but also by Chinese citizen who was born and had lived in various region in Indonesia in the 1960s or commonly called as huaqiao. At the time of returning to china most of huaqiao are teenagers

In China, those huaqiao always keep longing and memories of life in Indonesia, including the ability to speak Indonesian.They continue to practice singing Indonesian songs like “Bengawan Solo” or “Hallo-hallo Bandung”, dancing Indonesian traditional dances and cooking Indonesian food in a variety of occasions.

Not surprisingly, one of the most of activities that they are waiting each year is the celebration of 17 August which was organized by Indonesian embassy. Every time I talked with some of the huaqiao, they look very enthusiast to participate. They were very grateful because it was invited by the Indonesian embassy.

Although the age of the huqiao is no longer young, but they looked enthusiast to participate in all activities. Since 8 am they had come and follow the flag raising ceremony. Many of them still look dashing even though their age is 75-95 years. After participate in the flag raising ceremony, then some huaqiao took the stage to sing and dance.

Looking to the huaqiao and their family presence in the activities organized by Indonesian embassy, it is certainly very interesting because it shows a sense of love and longing for Indonesia. Even, they were still very concerned with the conditions in Indonesia and expect that the condition in Indonesia is always secure peace.

In this regard, I am on the view that the huaqiao and their family presence not only to remember the past, but also to more introduce Indonesia to the Chinese community. The story about Indonesia told by the huaqiao will help efforts to strengthen the relationship between the people of Indonesia and China.

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