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From ASEAN Center Moscow With Love

Russia officially became a full dialogue partner of ASEAN at the 29th AMM in Jakarta, July 1996. Since then, an ASEAN-Russia relation is growing rapidly which is marked by a variety of cooperation in various sectors. The development of ASEAN-Russia relations is also visible from the holding of the first ASEAN- Russia Summit in Kuala Lumpur in 2005. While the 2nd ASEAN-Russia Summit will be held in October in Ha Noi, Vietnam.

The development of ASEAN-Russia relations is interesting to learn considering that during the Cold War, ASEAN member countries split in the East-West axis. Indochina countries that are socialist countries namely Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia are very close to Russia (before USSR). Meanwhile other ASEAN member countries have close ties with Western countries led by the United States.

Bloggers and the Formation of the ASEAN Community 2015

With the support from the  Directorate General for ASEAN Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs , I took an initiative to hold  ”Seminars and Dissemination Implementation of the ASEAN Charter and the establishment of the ASEAN Community in 2015? in Hotel Inna Simpang on 22 May 2010.  I invited Ambassador Hazairin Pohan,  dr. Raden Ajeng Purwaningsih (Ajengkol) and Abdul Ghofur (Gempur) as speakers at this event. While the participants were bloggers from Surabaya (tugupahlawan.com), Bangkalan, Mojokerto, Malang, and Gresik.

As reflected from the theme of the event. I would like to inform the development of ASEAN cooperation, especially after the signing of the ASEAN Charter on 15 December 2010 to the public through bloggers. In my view, people should know ”the new ASEAN” as an organization  with clear legal rules and have legal personality. Pueople should also aware that ASEAN continues to move toward the establishment of an ASEAN Community in 2015 with motto “one  vision, one identity, one community” .

Indonesia’s Role in ASEAN

Agreed with the ASEAN Charter on December 15, 2008, the ASEAN become a new regional organization, with a clear rule of law and have legal personality.

With motto one vision, one identity, one community, ASEAN continued to move toward the establishment of an ASEAN Community 2015.

Pak, Panggilan Lazim di ASEAN

bapakThank you Pak Peter, for your comment and suggestion”, begitu disampaikan Ketua Delegasi Thailand saat menanggapi komentar dan usulan Ketua Delegasi Singapura pada suatu pertemuan para pejabat tinggi ASEAN.  Penggunaan kata “Pak” ini mengikuti kebiasaan para pejabat atau peserta Indonesia yang setiap hadir pada pertemuan-pertemuan ASEAN selalu memanggil koleganya-nya dengan panggilan “Pak” bukan Mister seperti dalam bahasa Inggris.

Seringnya penggunaan kata “Pak” untuk memanggil seseorang menjadikan kata tersebut sebagai suatu kata yang lazim di ASEAN. Bahwa kata “Pak”, kependekan dari “Bapak”, lazim digunakan dalam pertemuan ASEAN memperlihatkan bahwa kata tersebut telah menginternasional, setidaknya di kawasan ASEAN.