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Ojek Ontel Which Still Exist in Jakarta

IMG_20150909_121557“Lets ride my Ojek Ontel (bicycle taxi). Guaranteed faster Sir”, said Suparno, a 50 year old Ojek Ontel driver, with a smile in his face. Suparno is a resident of Jakarta who has decades offering Ojek Ontel services to people passing in front of the Station Jakarta Kota, Central Jakarta. He is one Ojek Ontel driver who can survive amid strong competition from other public transportation in Jakarta such as bus, taxi and motorcycle taxi as well as the latest phenomenon Go-Jek.

Go-Jek became the latest phenomenon in Indonesia using it’s newest innovation of transportation service to take out people easily as well as serves the other services such as food delivery, shopping, and shipping the document. Go-Jek is being a multifunction service company for transportation in Indonesia nowadays. Go-Jek break down the mainstream business in motorcycle transportation and make dillema for other public transportation such as motorcycle Ojek and Ojek Ontel.

Suparno said that when motorcycle taxi presents in the 1990s, many Ojek Ontel drivers complained about thier existences and felt like motorcycle taxi drivers alredy taken all their business and their roles. Now turn motorcycle taxi driver who complain about the Go-Jek presence. It’s a paradox while many people welcoming the Go-Jek but in the other side it turns off the motorcycle taxi and make Ojek Ontel transportation marginalized.