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Book Review: Indonesia – Russia Relations

Book title: Sahabat Lama, Era Baru: 60 Tahun Pasang Surut Hubungan Indonesia-Rusia.

Book language: Bahasa Indonesia

Author: Tomi Lebang

Publisher: PT Grasindo Widiasarana Indonesia

Year: I, Juli 2010

Pages: 180 + xx pages

Price: IDR 55.000,-

The Russian Federation is one of a respected superpower and leader of the Eastern Bloc countries in the cold war era (1947-1991). Geographically, Russia is the largest country in the world (17.8 million km), consisting of 11 time zones (compare with Indonesia which only has three time zones). Politically, Russia is a permanent member of UN Security Council, members of Group 8 (D-8), G-20 and BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China), an alliance of powerful nations in the world besides the United States.

From ASEAN Center Moscow With Love

Russia officially became a full dialogue partner of ASEAN at the 29th AMM in Jakarta, July 1996. Since then, an ASEAN-Russia relation is growing rapidly which is marked by a variety of cooperation in various sectors. The development of ASEAN-Russia relations is also visible from the holding of the first ASEAN- Russia Summit in Kuala Lumpur in 2005. While the 2nd ASEAN-Russia Summit will be held in October in Ha Noi, Vietnam.

The development of ASEAN-Russia relations is interesting to learn considering that during the Cold War, ASEAN member countries split in the East-West axis. Indochina countries that are socialist countries namely Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia are very close to Russia (before USSR). Meanwhile other ASEAN member countries have close ties with Western countries led by the United States.