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Diplomasi Dari Dapur

“Wah enak sekali nih daging satenya, rempah-rempah dan bumbunya terasa menyerap di daging. Dagingnya juga empuk,” ujar Dobravko Zirovcic, diplomat asal Kroasia yang sedang mengikuti pelatihan diplomat senior di Indonesia.

“Di Kroasia juga ada sate daging seperti ini, bahkan daging satenya dipotong besar-besar, tidak seperti daging sate ini yang dipotong kecil-kecil. Tapi di negeri saya, daging yang dibakar tidak diberi rempah-rempah dan bumbu. Daging dibakar langsung dan saat makan barulah diberi saus tomat,” komentar Dobravko terus mencicipi potongan daging sate.

“Iya, daging sate seperti ini enak sekali. Rempah-rempah dan kecapnya terasa sekali,” ujar Nguyen Thai Hai Yen, diplomat asal Vietnam yang juga mengiktui program yang sama dengan Dobravko.

Implementing Ethical Leadership in Indonesia Foreign Policy to Resolve Myanmar’s Rakhine State Crisis

In today’s globalized world, all nations are interconnected socially, economically, and politically.  As a result, the dilemma of considering ethics when implementing foreign policy often arises. Many theorists argue that ethics and moral would be considered when implementing foreign policy. The obligations and moral responsibilities of nation State’s were confined to their citizens and this was reflected in the process of foreign policy making. Strategies were also chosen by the State to safeguard its national interests through achievement of its goals in international relations.

In this regard, as I mentioned in my previous blog, in order to contribute to the ecosystem of peace, stability, and prosperity in the region and in the midst of the uncertainty of resolving the humanitarian crisis at Myanmar’s Rakhine State, Indonesia has been actively involved to terminate conflicts and violence as well as seek solution of the problem. Indonesia took the initiative to assist the resolution of the crisis in Myanmar’s Rakhine State. While ASEAN and most of the ASEAN countries did not exert adequate pressure to the Myanmar leaders to take back the Rohingyas and ensure peace and security in Myanmar’s Rakhine state,

Then the question raised, is Indonesia’s foreign policy to assist Myanmar’s Rakhine State as a part of Indonesia’s ethical and moral responsibility since ethics and morality are inextricably linked to the practice of foreign policy making ?.